Which Server for Plex?

Hello guys,

since my home connection is pretty slow I started thinking about to get a server where I could run Plex from.

I also need to host a few websites and emails on that server. (Probably with Plesk to manage the domains and emails)

So my question is.
Can anyone of you guys recommend a good server to get to be able to use plex with hardware accelerated encoding + rclone ? (and on top of that also host websites from?)

I have heard that Hetzner is good to get servers from.

What specs should my server have?
Normaly I have never more then 3 direct plays at the same time but… The server I am looking for:
should be able to handle 15 direct plays simultaneously.
and it also should be able to transcode 5-8 streams at the same time.

(Is hardware accelerated encoding possible on such servers ?)

This really doesn’t have anything to do with rclone.

I know I am sorry but I thought most of the people here are using rclone (gdrive) in combination with plex. Thats why I thought I could ask here for advice.

If not appropriate to post it here then this thread can be closed/deleted.

A good spot to ask would be:


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