Which SCALEWAY for rclone? cheap and best?

there is new offer from scaleway: ARMv8
is that good?

i want to use this vps as conector between nextcloud android ios apps, webdav, and google drive and backup to amazon cloud drive, above 5TB of data.
rclone crypt.
Which one is best?

X86 VCS1

which is better cpu ARMv8 or X86?

I tried the X86 servers at Scaleway. They use Intel ATOM processors. They can transcode, but aren’t the most robust. The VC1S only has 2 cores, and I tried that at first, but it just doesn’t have any power at all to support Plex. One one of their baremetal options (C2M), a transcode used all 8 cores on my server and it could barely keep up. A second transcode stream would cause both streams to buffer. Sure, I could have paid for more cores, but I gave up on Scaleway for hosting my Plex server.

I do like that they have unlimited bandwidth, so I use the most basic server (VC1S) to keep my ACD and GDrive synced.

I can’t say anything about the ARM processors, but if they went the cheap route like with the ATOM processors, I doubt they will do much better – except that the demand for ARM is lower and will probably be cheaper.

In my experience X86 VCS1 is much faster than the same priced ARM. It’s plenty of power for nextcloud and rclone crypt and such.