Where can i see Google Drive auth key created list?

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Windows 7

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Google Drive

it's not related to rclone but i just wondering when we create auth key for rclone, where can we see the auth key list in google account?

that is documented at https://rclone.org/drive/#making-your-own-client-id

making client id is fine. what i am trying to say is after create google auth code. there should have google auth code list in google account. lets say i want to remove a google auth key how can i do that?

You hit manage account -> security -> manage 3rd party access and it'll be listed under the apps.

You remove the app.

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thank you i saw the app list. but i think i made more than 4~5 google auth key. can we see particular auth key and remove it. in case if i think that my key is stolen or something?

As you noted, you don't see auth keys in the list only apps. You can only remove apps as that's how it works.

You don't make auth keys as they are created on the fly when you connect via oAuth.

Do you mean client ID and secrets?

nah only the auth code. most of the time i didnot create client ID. thank you for the explanation.

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