When uploading to dropbox. Do I need to type --dropbox-batch-mode sync

in rclone-v1.63

when uploading to dropbox.

Do I need to type

--dropbox-batch-mode sync

if I want --dropbox-batch-mode sync behavior?

Or does it now default to --dropbox-batch-mode sync mode to begin with? And if not, is there a way in my config files somewhere to make it so that --dropbox-batch-mode sync mode is the default? (I never ever want to risk forgetting.)

I did read Dropbox and I think that it means the answer to my question is "Yes" But I am asking here just to make sure I comprehend correctly, that I actually never need to type

--dropbox-batch-mode sync

As per docs:

#### --dropbox-batch-mode

Upload file batching sync|async|off.

This sets the batch mode used by rclone.

For full info see [the main docs](https://rclone.org/dropbox/#batch-mode)

This has 3 possible values

* off - no batching
* sync - batch uploads and check completion (default)
* async - batch upload and don't check completion

sync is default option so no need to provide it for your commands

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