When does rclone creates jobid?

Hi guys

I have a memory issue when running rclone rcd on a linux machine. Doing some investigation I suspected that the number of jobids may cause such problem. (consider that I set job expire time to 1day)

from documentation my understanding is that when I use async flag a jobid will be created.
This seems be true when running rclone on Windows. On Windows when I run job/list command I am getting the same number of jobids as the number of copy jobs.

However, for linux the number of jobids just keeps growing even without sending any copy command. Right now after running rclone rcd for about 2 hours I can list about 1500 jobids and only 61 copy command is issued so far through sync/copy.

  • I wonder to know when and for which kind of commands rclone creates a jobid?

  • Can I conclude this huge number of jobids cause memory problem?

thanks for any help

Any command via the rc will create a job id.

I'm not sure the memory usage of jobs exactly but you can check by using the debug tools here: https://rclone.org/rc/#debugging-memory-use

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