Whats the best way at present to clone a google drive?

Whats the best way to clone a google drive at present, without getting a 24 hour ban?

I cant risk a ban because the wife will KILL me, but its killing me having my media not duplicated…

How much data do you need to duplicate ?

I have to believe that if you do it slowly, you wouldn’t have a ban. What I would personally try is to share the google drive with your alternate google remote and then within the drive GUI you can select ‘add to drive’. That will make it SHOW for you. Then you can do a server-side clone like this:

rclone --transfers=1 --checkers=1 sync remote1:/sharedfolder remote1:/localfolder

where sharedfolder is the sharedfolder from the other google account.

I haven’t tested this so don’t have your wife yell at me but if you go slower, i’d doubt you’d get a ban. Who cares if it takes a while…

I think right now the theory behind getting a ban is from people using their own Client ID and secret as the amount of queries allowed per second is lower than rclone’s built in client ID. So people are unknowingly hammering Google’s server with requests - At least that’s what people are thinking is the problem.

If you do not use your own client ID and secret, you should be fine doing a transfer (hopefully). Less files at a time is probably the better.

I’d recommend something like:

rclone copy google-3:/folder google-3:/folder2 -v --transfers=5 --checkers 5 --stats=5s --no-update-modtime --drive-use-trash

You can also use sync of course.

And I think v1.35 rclone is the only one that still has a working server-side copy?

That is only soft bans/retries. Hard bans are from non-cached metadata which google treats as downloads each time.

HOLY HELL!!! Thats awesome! It even says transferred 0 byes and marks it as a server side copy!

nope… stops at 100 gb

I’ve copied all 7TB like that before and I still sync that way but with more transfers and checkers…

I think once I get past the original backup, it should work fine.