What would the optimal "chunk_size" be for my internet connection?

I have an internet connection that is 300/20mbps. I have set cache-total-chunk-size=2000G

What would be the best value for chunk_size in my setup?

What is the formula to determine this?

Buffer size is probably more important than chunk size, in my experience chunk size just defines how demanding cache mounts are locally with resources (RAM/CPU/HDD IO). Smaller chunks being more efficient space wise at the cost of needing more resources to index more chunks. I’ve gone with 32M personally.

Well I keep having issues with buffering. I have tried chunk_size=50M, chunk_size=15M, and the default (I think 10M) and I still have buffering issues.

Currently My buffersize is 500MB before that it was 250MB

My current mount command is…

rclone mount --allow-non-empty --cache-writes --buffer-size 500M --rc --cache-chunk-size 15M --allow-other --cache-tmp-upload-path="/media/rclone/tmp/Movies" --gid 100 --uid 1024 --vfs-cache-mode writes --attr-timeout 1s --cache-total-chunk-size 2000G --cache-chunk-path “/media/rclone/cache/cache-backend” --cache-db-path “/media/rclone/cache/cache-backend” --config “/media/rclone/rclone.conf” --cache-workers=12 -vv gdc-movies: “/media/Movies”

/media/rclone is an NFS mount to my NAS. It is 2gbps LACP Link Aggregated Home Server > Unifi Switch > NAS

Is there anything else I can do to make it stream without buffering? I am trying to stream 1080p/2160p remux.

I have used gdrive addon for kodi and it streams fine so there is some setting I have missed or just don’t understand?