What would be a good implementation to this?

I want to write in an app called NovelWriter. I want to make encrypted backup of the projects to google drive.

I already see how create a google drive remote (i make it work). Also mount the remote... but something is telling me that im doing something wrong: it is working slow.

When i open NovelWriter i put the path of the project to the remote directory (a project is like 3 directory and several files inside) and is really slow to create, and also if i change between the files in the project is really slow to load) Also the project it self is slow to load. And NovelWriter autosave the file every 30 seconds and in that moment, again the app go slow, if i work in the remote directory. Maybe this is not the approach? maybe is wrong to make the project inside the mounted remote directory? or maybe there is some config i need to change or make?

About the encryption i will see later how is done, but i need to see if im doing something wrong here.

(i want to make all this automatic of course).

hi, please understand, we cannot see into your machine.

when you posted, there was template of questions......

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