What will changing gsuite domain mean for rclone?

Hi there, so I need to change the domain I’ve entered in gsuite at the moment of registration.

What will happen to my APIs and credentials? Will they be transferred and rclone will keep working as if nothing had changed? Or will there be consequences (have to create new API in dashboard, etc)??

I know it’s not exactly an rclone question but I figured it was the best place to ask!

If it’s in the same account, I’m assuming it would stay if you are just editing the account.

Are you doing that or closing one / opening another?

@Animosity022 I’m keeping the same account, just changing the domain you have to associate with it! I just found out that the domain seller I’ve used charges $40 from the second year and on… so I’m buying a different address and using that from now on!

From what I read it seems you can change it and I would think your keys would follow:


I’ve never actually done it myself though.

Let’s hope so, and thanks for that page you’ve found!!