What will be the rclone prefix to access a azure blob storage

Hello, apologies for the dumb question as I am looking to connect to Azure blob storage using rclone, so was wondering how to define the prefix like will it be az:// or azure:// . For example for Amazon s3 I used to access it using s3:///

Not sure what you are talking about. Rclone is not using any prefixes like these.

To connect to Azure storage follow steps from docs.

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Rclone has a system of remotes as they are known.

When you run rclone config you name your remote. So you might choose to call your remote azure. In which case you'd access it using azure:bucket or azure:bucket/path/to/file. No need for // these aren't URLs.

You could have a different remote for a different client which you might call clientb. It can still be connected to azure though just with different credentials.

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Thanks for the clarification and help, we can close it!

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