What VPS are you guys using?

I have no fibre at the moment until the useless twazzoks manage to install it at my new house.

In the meantime, I’m looking for a VPS that:

  1. is cheap.
  2. I can run rclone, sonarr, radarr, and SABNZB on (needs whatever resources to use this, and enough space for temp storage)
  3. I can rclone to my google drive

Any suggestions? I have a digital ocean droplet now that I use to mirror an account, but it doesn’t have the temp space, or the HP to run this stuff.


I’m still using the $20/month Linode and supporting a few other users with it.

That being said, I’d love to find something better/cheaper/faster/more.

If you can arrange auto move to your gdrive you would not need so much space.
DO or even scaleway would do the job.

20$ is quite fair for what you receive. The VPS offered by DO and Linode are hosted on high quality servers which makes a huge difference when it comes to things like encryption and possibly plex transcoding (in case you are using this). Quite often when you see offers around 5-10$ for the same or even better specs you end up with a shared Intel Atom and really poor performance regarding network and hard drive. Trust me, you won’t be happy.

You can actually create additional volumes if you choose DO’s datacenter in New York or Frankfurt (not quite sure about the other one in the US) in case you run out of space.

If you need more you are better off with a dedicated server.

I use time4vps.eu. 4TB hdd, 4GB Ram, 32TB bandwidth for 14Euros/month. Does the job pretty well. But, then it does not fly like a standalone system. I have streamed plex, and also done some heavy downloading. The vps does the job okay.

I use scaleway, but only temporary (sync my US -> DE account)

Working well, and it is extreme cheap. But i not recommended a regular use, because i read that this company not use any RAID technology.

Normally, i use my own server at my home.

I have a Bare Metal C2S server from Scaleway and a VPS from Quick Click Hosting. Been quite happy with both, but will stay with Scaleway.

there is also already this thread:

Yeah but I’m not using it for plex… my plex is local.

I am using EthernetServers.com Currently they have an offer for 4 Cores, 4TB of data, 4GB of ram for $30/year. Check them out to see if you like them. They also have monthly plan. I am currently using one of the $30/year plans and one of the vEth plans with 8 cores and 4 TB of bandwidth. I use them for plex, rclone, and all my other download utilities.

Using SSDnodes, 8GB ram, 4x VCPU instance. Pretty happy with it overall.

I recommend using Contabo , You can read the review here , 6Gb ram and 500 gb storage just only 7 euro : https://easypromocode.com/contabo-review/

Anyone here use StableHost like me ?

I’m using a combo actually. My VPS is in Russia with a “DMCA friendly” provider (vps9.net) for torrenting as well. And then I spent $10/mo for 1tb of storage with Google drive and store everything encrypted on there via rclone/plexdrive. Works super well. Vps9 have pretty good prices too. Storage on there is expensive though so you’re gonna need some sort of external storage like gdrive.

+1 for scaleway – https://www.scaleway.com/pricing/

You can try with Ramnode or Linode. On this time, Linode has a program give free $20 credit for new customer. Very easy to get savings with Linode coupon.