What port does rclone use for syncing to google drive?

I need to allow a pass thru rule in my firewall but I don’t know what port it should be.

Https I believe. 443.

That is correct. Everything is done via https.

great. thank you! i can use this for bandwidth control on my router too. that way rclone doesn’t kill my network…

Did you discover the --bwlimit`option? That might be easier.

Yes but I don’t want to limit speed. I just want to make it so when/if other devices on my network are using the internet then they take priority. That way if nobody is using the internet rclone will go full speed ahead captain.

As far as I know the only way to do that is using QoS in your router. --bwlimit is helpful though - if you set it a bit below what your link is capable of then at least everything will share nicely.

Yes. That is what I am doing right now and using that signal hack to stop the limit and then restart it. And yeah, I am going to put openwrt on my router so I can set up QoS.

Does S3 also use https?

Yes it does. I think all the cloud remotes except http/ftp/sftp use https.

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