What is the status of rclone mount on Android?


i think this is due to android treat different app as different “sandbox”, to prevent privacy lost.

And it seems thru desktop linux and android are both linux kernel,
they behave very differently, but connected.


To make it work and allow mount to be visible for all processes and apps:
su -M (-M is mount space option to make it not isolate to certain process)
so in terminal

su -M
and in su shell
rclone mount disk: /mnt/rcm


su -Mc rclone mount disk: /mnt/rcm

ofcourse fusermount as in above posts have to be in path.

also /mnt/rcm will bevisible for some apps like fx file manager, but to make it visible for other file apps it have to be mounted somewhere on internal memory, for example:

this ideas come from this post:

and this one:


I have exact same setup were you able to figure out how to run rclone mount on nvidia shield?


i dont have nvidia shield device, but if you can root it it should work similar


So I need root to use rclone mount on Android and share storage with other apps like Plex?

I wish there was an app with all this built in


Here’s fusermount for android, haven’t tested it on the shield yet


If you’re willing to use other apps like Kodi then you could just serve http or webdav on Android without root. There are many apps so can use http remotes. Just a suggestion.


You need to root shield TV to be able to mount stuff.
Someone in nvidia shield TV Forum has d been asking for official developer firmware image that comes with root access. They said soon. I guess if enough people asking they will make it available faster.
Once you have root you can do rclone mount and NVIDIA shield TV will both be plex media server and NAS.


I’m guessing rclone serve http or webdav will have terrible performance for media seeking, playback fast forward/rewind and kodi /plex media metadata scanning.


Where are you seeing that official developer firmware images don’t come with root?

Here is someone from Nvidia saying developer images are “pre-rooted”


Nope. Fast as hell. I use it regularly. It can seek perfectly. It doesn’t download the whole file to seek. It is as fast or faster than a seek on a mount.


Hmm something must have changed then long time ago when I do rclone serve, seeking means downloading whole or huge chunk of the file first.
I’ll try this out on kodi with nvidia shield TV


It’s released then. Nothing hold us from rclone mount on shield TV. Maybe I’ll ditch my nas and use shield with rclone mount

Plex alternatives

Just read an interesting thing on FUSE for android and how it’s getting dropped because of the overhead due to the way android implements FUSE:

I don’t think rclone mount for android could support this since it looks like a crazy change, plus we still need root access so plex can access the mount