What is the status of rclone mount on Android?


i think this is due to android treat different app as different “sandbox”, to prevent privacy lost.

And it seems thru desktop linux and android are both linux kernel,
they behave very differently, but connected.


To make it work and allow mount to be visible for all processes and apps:
su -M (-M is mount space option to make it not isolate to certain process)
so in terminal

su -M
and in su shell
rclone mount disk: /mnt/rcm


su -Mc rclone mount disk: /mnt/rcm

ofcourse fusermount as in above posts have to be in path.

also /mnt/rcm will bevisible for some apps like fx file manager, but to make it visible for other file apps it have to be mounted somewhere on internal memory, for example:

this ideas come from this post:

and this one: