What is the max down bandwidth for OneDrive / OneDrive for Business?

Hello, does anyone here have an idea on what the supposed download cap is for OneDrive or OneDrive for Business?

Because I tried syncing a few gigabytes from a crypt remote to my local drive and the download speed fluctuates from around 5-11mb/s.

I thought this was an issue with the rclone generic client_id being rate limited so I made a new app with its own client_id and client_secret and set it all up, refreshed the token, and tried again only to get the around the same speeds.

Is this really the maximum it could go?

welcome to the forum,

onedrive is known to be slow.
can search the forum for examples.

hard to know, due to lack of information.
can you start a new topic, using help and support template, and answer all the questions.

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