What is the Env Var for --fast-list and --transfers?

What is the Env Var for --fast-list, --transfers, --checkers and --check-first?


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where can I find the list?

There is not a list specifically for environment variables, but using the following two links you can find out:

Can't find any references of those in any of those two links.

No, not directly. What I meant was, from the following information you can find out:

Every option in rclone can have its default set by environment variable.

To find the name of the environment variable, first, take the long option name, strip the leading --, change - to _, make upper case and prepend RCLONE_.

--transfers int Number of file transfers to run in parallel. (default 4)
--checkers int Number of checkers to run in parallel. (default 8)
--fast-list Use recursive list if available. Uses more memory but fewer transactions.
--check-first Do all the checks before starting transfers.

Ah. Gotcha.. So, we can use any flags as environmental variables. Nice..!!!

Yes! And if you find any that don't work then report a bug :slight_smile:

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It would be easier if rclone showed then when running with DEBUG, so we can be sure they are being applied.

I gave up in using env variables because of this

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Yeah, that would be great. Rclone should show which env var is applied.

That would be an easy patch if someone wanted to have a go.

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