What is correct size of cache that I should use?

I have few space on my hard drive so I can't assign much space for rclone.
I can assign only 10GB to -vfs-cache.
So when I mount I want to use this command

rclone mount --vfs-cache-mode full --vfs-cache-max 10G University:/ X:

Is this the correct way to mount this ? What will happen when I try to upload a 20GB file to mounted remote? And what will happen when I try to open a 20GB file that I have on mounted remote?
Maybe command that I wrote is not ideal and I need to add more arguments. What is the best way to mount remote if I have very few free GB for cache ?

hello and welcome to the forum,

  • vfs-cache-max is a soft limit, not a hard limit. very easy to go above that limit.
  • with --vfs-cache-mode full, the entire file is copied to the cache and then in the background the file is uploaded.

two options are

  • upload the file to the mount, without the vfs-cache-mode`
  • rclone copy as it is more reliable and uses no cache

that depends on what application you try to open the file?
--vfs-cache-mode=full uses sparse files, rclone will only download the chunks of a file, that a local applications requests.

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