What if PC Restarts while Rclone copy process is in Progress


I am glad that i found Rclone and it made my life easier as i wanted to copy data from my one drive to another. I went through the process and copying my data from one cloud drive to another.

Out of curiosity, i would like to know what if my PC gets restarted for any unknown reason like power failure, hang up, etc, while Rclone copy process is in progress. Will it still continue copying data from one remote drive to other automatically and there is no need to run the copy command again by opening the cmd window? If yes, is there a way i could again see the progress like how much is copied, how much is left

No, we have to run the command again and copy the remote drive contents again? Any advise will be much appreciated.


hello and welcome to the forum,

rclone has to be running to copy files.

can re-run the same command, any files rclone has already copied will not be copied again.

for progress output, --progress