What happens when a copy operation is cancelled/stopped?

So I'm copying a directory from a remote to my local drive, this directory has millions of files. Right now I want to cancel the transfer to re-run it increasing the number of transfers because it's too slow (I'm using only 4 right now) but I'm not sure what will happen with the incomplete transfers, will those files be automatically removed? If so does using Ctrl+C triggers this or how should I cancel the copy? It's been 40 minutes and only 30GB have been downloaded :skull_and_crossbones:

I guess I could use sync instead of copy, right? But I want to know what would happen in an scenario where I couldn't use sync

What has been already copied will stay and any partial transfers will be removed.

Next time you run copy already transferred items will be skipped.

Overall it is perfectly safe to stop rclone operation anytime.

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