What happened to QuickXorHash?


anyone with an idea, why QuickXorHash got removed from the list of hashes?

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Not following as it's still on the list:

Overview of cloud storage systems (rclone.org)

Those are just the built in ones - QuickXorHash is provided by the onedrive backend, so if you compile out the onedrive backend you lose support for QuickXorHash.

You can see the hashes rclone understands like this

$ rclone hashsum
Supported hashes are:
  * md5
  * sha1
  * whirlpool
  * crc32
  * sha256
  * dropbox
  * mailru
  * quickxor

Ah okay! I've found an old thread where it worked liked rclone -vv <hash> local file.

The help on rclone hashsum says remote only, but it also seems to work on local files. Should I file a bug against the docs?

rclone hashsum <hash> remote:path [flags]

hi, imho, no bug.

i can see how this can be confusing,
in english remote implies something that is distanced from you or in this case, your local machine.
in rclone, remote is any path, local or cloud


Syntax of remote paths

The syntax of the paths passed to the rclone command are as follows.

This refers to the local file system.
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