What does "poll-interval is not supported by this remote" mean?

First time rclone user. Trying to mount my personal DropBox account on my Mac filesystem. Got the following message:

$ rclone mount Personal\ Dropbox:/ ~/DropBox --allow-non-empty
2018/02/08 10:53:57 NOTICE: Dropbox root '': poll-interval is not supported by this remote

I can see that it mounts the remote filesystem properly, but i don’t get my command prompt back. When i break out of rclone (CTRL-C) i get my command prompt back, but my mounted FS is gone.

What does the message mean? How to troubleshoot?


This is the intended behavior. The rlcone mount will only work while it is running. If you want it to run in the background you have to setup a script or service that runs rclone mount (I’m not familiar how this is done on MacOS).

The poll-interval notice is intended and does not stop rclone from working. It just informs you that Dropbox does not have this optional feature.

Can you share the plist you used to get this working in the background on MacOS? This saves me figuring it out myself. :wink:


I’m sorry, but I forgot the word not in my last post. I’m not a MacOS user :sweat_smile:

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We should probably demote that message to a DEBUG - what do you think?

You are right, it should be changed. But I would use Infof. This would put it on the same level as the Modify window not supported message.

Good idea! Have done that now :slight_smile: