What does "Authentication is required for this call." mean for rclone's APIs?

I am looking at Remote Control / API and it says:

Authentication is required for this call.

I can't find any information on what this means or how to provide the authentication.

To create a config for Google Drive, for example, the user has to open a browser and authenticate. How is this handled with the API?


Remote Control / API (rclone.org)


So that is not the auth credentials for the drive you're configuring.

Outside of the API, if I add a config it'll open a new window to whatever (like Google Drive) to authenticate rclone so it can connect to my Google Drive.

I can't figure out how that is handled with config/create using the API?

If you have a backend that requires oAuth, you need a browser to complete the process as there isn’t a way around it.

Google drive can use service accounts as well which gets around it. Just depends on what you want to do and the specific remote.

Yes, you need a browser. But I assume with config/create there is some way to get the browser auth URL from rclone, do the auth, get the code from the browser, and then pass it to config/create.

Looking through rclone config create, I think the process will need to call the config/create function > it'll return a JSON with questions, which then need to be answered when continuing with config/create.

I can't say I've done it before as I am unware if the rclone GUI can do headless authentication and handle that flow.

My config creates are one and done most of the time and I don't use a GUI as the rclone config process works better for me from the CLI in my brain anyway.

Yeah. I do to but it would be nice if this function worked when running the GUI from a docker container. So I'm trying to figure it out so I can enhance the GUI code.

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