What differences are there when using a version of rclone from a distribution's repository?

Ubuntu 18.04.1 offers the option to install rclone from its repository. The version available from the repository is 1.36 which is several releases behind the downloads available from the rclone website. The version available is 1.50.2.

  • What if any differences are there in using either versions?
  • What is the recommended version to be using?
  • If the installed package from the repository is used, can it be upgraded to the latest version available from rclone?
  • If yes, would this require the installed version to be removed or can it be upgraded in-place?
  • If the package needs to be removed, what needs to be considered? For instance, will the configuration file need to be backed-up?

Use the download page rather than a version that's like 4-5 years old.

I would not install it from a repo as that just creates confusions and things out of sync.

You should remove the package install and just use the download page. All the config is in your rclone.conf file.

Thanks Animosity022. Does rclone auto-update or does it need to be updated on-demand?

It does not auto update so you’d have to update it.

You can get rclone to check the latest version available

$ rclone version --check
latest: 1.50.2        (released 2019-11-19)
beta:    (released 2020-01-04)


$ rclone-v1.50.1 version --check
yours:  1.50.1       
latest: 1.50.2        (released 2019-11-19)
  upgrade: https://downloads.rclone.org/v1.50.2
beta:    (released 2020-01-04)
  upgrade: https://beta.rclone.org/v1.50.2-104-geb10ac34-beta
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