What are the plans for Apple M1 support?

What are the plans for supporting rclone on Apple M1 chipset? Or does Rosetta2 make the intel version work? If yes on rosetta2 then does the rclone mount command also work?

Asking for a friend who needs to buy a new Macbook.

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Anything "should" already run but you'd probably want to test it out to validate for sure as perhaps the other requirements outside of rclone may or may not.

Once the 16"s get released, I'll let you know :slight_smile:

The existing darwin/amd64 release should work under Rosetta 2.

I think (but I'm not sure) GoLang also supports the arm64 target needed for the M1 chip.

BUT... BigSur may introduce some code signing requirements. The user may need to run codesign to let it run on their machine (unless @ncw has a developer account and can sign the binaries he builds).

However, this is all theoretical!

In summary

  • rclone works well under Rosetta
  • rclone works natively when compiled with the development version of go1.16
  • depending on the exact timing of the go1.16 release, rclone 1.54 may be relased with native M1 support
  • I believe the go1.16 toolchain will sign binaries though at some point I may need to get an apple dev account.
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Here is what https://doesitarm.com/formula/rclone/ says:

Unknown, more info needed

Which is why I am asking.

I'm not sure (I don't have a mac, alas). @darthShadow ?

I could send a PR to update the site via https://github.com/ThatGuySam/doesitarm but there are 2 issues:

  • Only rclone cmount works for M1 with the new MacFuse and that is still not the default mount command.
  • Native compilation and thus the binaries is still dependent on the release of go 1.16

Once we either release 1.54 or go 1.16 gets released, I can go ahead and partially update that site depending on what changes by then.

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I'll probably switch the rclone beta to be go1.16beta at some point. I'd be happy to release 1.54 if go1.16 has got to rc1

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I guess off topic (slightly) but do you happen to know about mount (or I guess cmount) and the underlying FUSE tools? I guess I could probably make do with serve webdav as opposed to mount if I had to. (I actually don't understand why this isn't used more. Seems like a good alternative if you don't want to rely on third-party tools).

I don't have a mac, alas

I happily support rclone monthly with Github's patron thing but if you started one specifically to get an M1 mac, I'd throw some in for that too. Especially if you think it would help in supporting macOS users. Or, if AWS eventually gets M1's, maybe even their virtual desktop that you can spin up for 24hrs.

Alternatively, if you wanted to start one for me to get a new M1, that'd be cool too! :slight_smile: (kidding of course)

It should work I think. You'll need to compile with go build -tags cmount and you'll need a very recent OSXFUSE.

Thank you

Interesting idea!

Can confirm works well on M1 using Rosetta2 emulation. If you try and use M1 Terminal default, it will not function and will error out.

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