What are the best settings for my configuration?

Hello, i'm very new to rclone (Yesterday), so i'll try to explain my situation the best i can.

I have a Gsuite account which i wanted to use to stream files from Plex, so :

  • I configured rclone to work with my Gdrive by following tutorials i found
  • Then i installed Winfsp so the drive could appear in windows explorer
  • Finally i used nssm to create a service to launch at startup.

Now what i would want is to configure it properly, for example i'd like that when i put a file in the drive it upload it immediately and when it's done rclone deletes it if it's possible, and all that without getting API bans.

Here's the arguments i started with :

Rclone Arguments

rclone mount --allow-other --allow-non-empty gcrypt: R:

Here's my rclone.conf


type = drive
client_id =
client_secret =
token =
root_folder_id =

type = cache
remote = GDrive:GDrive
plex_url =
plex_username =
plex_password =
chunk_size = 5M
info_age = 1d
chunk_total_size = 10G
plex_token =

type = crypt
remote = gcache:crypt
filename_encryption = standard
directory_name_encryption = true
password =
password2 =

Here's my PC configuration/Network configuration (Don't know if it's useful)


PC :

  • Ryzen 1600
  • 32gb RAM


  • 1Gbps Download
  • 600Mb Upload

Thank you very much :smile:

Don't use the cache wrapper, just use VFS it's much faster. Stick with the mostly defaults.

mount gdrive:/ g: --user-agent="myuseragent/v1" --drive-skip-gdocs --timeout=1h --allow-other --dir-cache-time=72h --config "C:\Users\myusername.config\rclone\rclone.conf" -o UserName=MYUSERNAME -o GroupName=Users

For windows, this is needed: o UserName=MYUSERNAME -o GroupName=Users so the files in the mount are owned by your user and doesn't require admin rights.

You must use the latest rclone (1.50.2+) and the latest Winfsp for the user options to work.

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you might run into a problem if you run the rclone mount command under your user.
plex, which runs as a service and other program might not be able to see the mount.

you can task scheduler to run the rclone command, as the advantages are.

  1. you can run the rclone mount command at system startup.
  2. if you run the command as system user, plex and other programs will be able to see it.

you can find the latest winfsp at

@asdffdsa First thanks for your help, so i changed the settings, i used the one from @Animosity022 they seems to work well for me.


mount gcrypt: R: --allow-other --buffer-size 256M --dir-cache-time 1000h --log-level INFO --log-file E:\rclone\rclone.log --poll-interval 15s --timeout 1h --vfs-cache-mode writes --cache-db-purge --cache-tmp-upload-path E:\rclone\temp --config C:\Users\myusername.config\rclone\rclone.conf

And what do you mean by :

As i don't seem to have any problem concerning the files right now (I redownloaded one file and i'm still the owner) maybe i'm missing something ?

@beyondmeat Thanks for the tip, but i used nssm to mount it a startup and Plex can see the mount, is using the task scheduler or is it the same as using nssm ?

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glad that you got it all working.

nssm is the way to go.
the reason i suggested task scheduler, is that it is easy to use for testing and for some users, who might read this post, nssm can be too complex.

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So, i have a problem, i'm using a seedbox who a have a plex intergration and a rclone+encryption integration but when setting that up it create a encrypted folder in the root of the GDrive but i can't seem to point to it in the rclone.conf, so in the root of the GDrive i have now two folder :

  • The first one is the one the seedbox created, named Plex but since it's encrypted it's just a bunch of letters and numbers.
  • The second one is the crypt folder i created the first time i configured rclone but the folder name isn't encrypted although all the contents inside are crypted including folder names

I just want the rclone.conf to point to the encrypted Plex folder but i'm a bit lost :sweat_smile:

Forgot to say that i removed the cache remote from the rclone.conf, so now it look like this :


type = drive
client_id =
client_secret =
token =
root_folder_id =

type = crypt
remote = gcache:crypt
filename_encryption = standard
directory_name_encryption = true
password =
password2 =

you mentioned that you have removed the cache remote.
it looks like your [gcrypt] still points to the cache.
is that what you intended to do?

also, what company are you using for your seedbox?

Yeah sorry i forgot to change this part when writing the post, but when i removed the cache i did change this part to :

remote = GDrive:crypt

For the seedbox i'm using seedboxes.cc

if i understand what you wrote.

so on the seedbox, it has a rclone.conf and in the config, there is a remote named Plex and that is the remote seedbox.cc uses correct?
and in that config, you have added a remote named GDrive, correct?

if so rename your remote to Plex

have you read this?
" Configure or import existing settings in order to encrypt a whole drive"

I Wish it was like that cause that would be so much more easy to do :grin:

Here's how it works, when I set up the seedbox to use my gdrive for plex it ask me for the same info rclone does when I set up gdrive, then it create a Plex folder that is encrypted in the root of my gdrive, for exemple when I go to gdrive i see two folder one is named crypt (that's the one rclone created) and there's another folder named with letters and number, but since the seedbox has a file manager that can decrypt the folders/files name (since i filled in the password and password 2) i can see all files and folder names, that's how i know the folder is named Plex.

And I don't think i can access the seedbox rclone.conf

@asdffdsa Yes i already read it

that is not really a rclone question.

now, you are asking about a commercial company and how it implements its own custom software.
i suggest that you contact that company, sure they can help you with their software.

Oh i was definitely going to contact them, i was just wondering if there was a way for me to do it on my side.

Anyway, thank you for taking the time to answer my questions :slightly_smiling_face:

sure, glad to help.
if you could access the rclone.conf on the seedbox, that would be helpful.