What are considered optimal settings for Plex media server when connected to rclone mount?

Hey guys,

I have 30tb of media on google drive connected to Plex via a Gdrive mount. Everything works fine as is, but I was wondering if there are recognised optimal settings within Plex to prevent future api bans without limiting functionality too much?

At present under scheduled tasks I have everything selected apart from;

‘update all libraries during maintenance’
and the last three options, as I don’t use photos or the live TV functionality

under Library I have everything selected apart from:

‘include music libraries in automatic updates’
‘scan my library periodically’
‘empty trash automatically after every scan’
‘run scanner tasks at lower priority’

I also have ‘generate video preview thumbnails’ set to never
‘generate chapter thumbnails’ as a scheduled task
and ‘analyse audio tracks for loudness’ set to never.

You want extensive media analysis off as well.

The main thing you mentioned was thumbnails as well. I keep that off.

Everything else you mentioned should be fine as a lot is related back to your configuration and what you need.

That’s interesting. ‘perform extensive media analysis during maintenance’ hasn’t caused me any problems up until now. In fact I have all three of the above options selected.

Do you just have them de-selected to be extra careful, or have you had issues with them?

It comes down to do you need the setting and does it provide any benefit.

Perform extensive media analysis during maintenance goes through every file completely so it downloads it all the way and is only used for bandwidth analysis so it can limit bandwidth. I don’t use that setting on Plex so that’s complete waste.

Refresh metadata periodically is used for music and I have no music.

Upgrade media analysis during maintenance could go either way as I want to be in more control of when a probe runs. I don’t see an issue with this on.

Right, that makes sense. Well I think it can’t hurt for me to switch them off anyway.

The extensive media analysis is done on the fly when a file is played anyway, so it will always get done eventually.

Cheers, very helpful as always :smiley:

Extensive media analysis is not done on the fly as that’s the regular media analysis that’s needed for playback.

The regular analysis does a ffprobe type command so it can check the codecs on the file and to determine playback.

The regular analysis is written up here:


Ok, cool. Well I think I’ll follow your lead and turn them off. It’s clearly working fine for you :slight_smile: