Webdav - hot to setup one instance different permissions

Hi, I would like to serve one webdav share to two users one with read access the other with full access using one rclone instance. I have a htpasswd file with user and pass but how to restrict one user but not the other?

I could run two instances of rclone but i would have to use different ports but i want the share to be accessible on port 443 only on the internet.

Does onyone know how to configure one rclone intance like that?

You'd run two instances and set permission how you'd want on each instance.

Can two instances be reached via one domain:443 port on the internet? Could you give a configuration example?

Not that I'm aware of as you'd have to put a proxy or something in front of it and route them to each instance based on URL or something along those lines.

Only a single program can listen on a port at a time as you can't have multiple things listen on the same port.

It seems someone thought about implementing multi-user access of webdav managed by linux user permissions. This implementation has other problems unfortunately.

you could use a rclone mount and point a webdav server to that mount point.

Could you explain more your solution? I am using rclone serve webdav - so rclone is the webdav server.

rclone mount allows you to have a remote appear as local storage using FUSE

for example, if you have media files in the cloud and want plex to stream that.
rclone mount gdrive: /mnt/gdrive
and then point plex to /mnt/gdrive

I need to serve webdav and there are two types of users one with full access and the other type with read only access. I know i can run an instance of rclone with full access and another one with read only access but how to serve both on one 443 port via the internet? :confused:

only one program at a time can listen to a particular port number.

run your own webdav server on port 443, point that webdav server to the rclone mount.

or run two rclones, binded to two different port numbers.

That's the question does rclone serve have this option of serving read only and rwx in one instance? The mount is my own server so no need for rclone mount. The problem is that I don't know of a webdav server configuration that can do read only and rwx on one port. What webdav server would you recommend that can do that?

there are lots of webdav servers

Which webdav server supports creating users with different permissions accessing files?

i would imagine they all support that.
you can search the net for some info about that.

Thanks for support. Too bad rclone is limited in this way serving as a webdav server but Apache and nginx have this function. I hope this works as well on Windows as rclone has. "Restricting write access to DAV shares"

if you need any help with rclone mount on windows, let me know

How do apache an nginx configure it? Maybe rclone should take a leaf from their book?

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