Webdav api link

I'm starting to use rclone mount feature with webdav.
I noticed that one provider is not reporting sizes correctly in "df" partion
--> :webdav: 1.0P 0 1.0P 0%

I contacted the the provider support in order to report the issue.
The answer is : "the incorrect space information displaying on a network drive depends on the third-party utility that we use for WebDav. Unfortunately, we cannot fix it, since we do not have an access to it."

I would like to know if someone can provide a link describing that particular point in webdav api.
I'm looking for something that looks like "official api", not something that look like "third-party related api".


The official documents are the WebDAV RFC

Rclone sends a PROPFIND on the root with a bit of extra XML

<D:propfind xmlns:D="DAV:">

The docs for that are here: https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc4331#page-4

If you could run

rclone about -vv --dump bodies provider:

and post the output (redact if necessary) that will show what rclone sends and what the provider responds with. Maybe rclone can adapt to what the provider sends?

Provider is not returning any value (empty xml tag).
I will complain to them.

That explains the output.


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