Web app that allows you to browse crypt/chunked cloud volumes?

I have my data backed up to my OneDrive. It's chunked and encrypted. Everything is working fine on my main workstation, but I'm wondering what I would do to access my files in case I was ever on a remote machine and I didn't have a way to run rclone. Is there any kind of web app where I could link my OneDrive account, have it handle the decrypting/dechunking and be able to browse/download files from a browser?

Not currently... There are some parts of what would be needed but there isn't a complete solution yet.

Note rclone is a completely portable app so you could stick it on a USB drive easily enough...

Or literally just make an file with a password on it (like for example rar) and pout that on your cloud alongside your rclone-encrypted files.

Rar can do compression and obfuscation internally so the information is safe - so if you put rclone and your config in that file you can just access and run it ready-to-go on any machine where you are allowed to at least run an executable - which is a fairly low bar.

an USB stick would be safer though, in the sense that if the config-file never touches the harddrive then it can't be recovered (or more likely - one day you just forget to delete your rclone+config when you are finished).

Another option is that you can run an rclone-based app on your phone (at least android, I am not sure about as Iphones). This is very convenient for obvious reasons - and unless you need to transfer really big files it might just be easier to download to phone and grab them from there. There are a few such rclone-based projects for android I have heard work well (but haven't had time to test myself yet).

Lastly - if you have a home-server you can always just set up a server (FTP, web or whatever else you want) that connects to your files via rclone mount. That will need to pipe the traffic though your home connection instead of directly from google, but there can be a lot of benefits to it. Very safe too since you can use VPN to safely connect to your home network - and your other devices don't even need to know what the encryption key is (only the server at home).

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