Warning: Amazon.DE if you are not from Germany/Austria

Don’t they accept virtual credit cards?

Did you use a German address?

I used German address that i created on tiptrans as for virtual cards dunno, for now i just entered directly German Bank account ( on which i transferred money )

Had the same issue, but managed to enter my credit card via the Amazon website itself, and not via the cloud drive website. Don’t remember exactly how I did it, but it’s definitely possible!

I did not have problem entering the card or address, but when trial was over my credit card was not accepted.

UPDATE: Since my Sync server is quite busy and average transfer speed was between 60 and 70MB I decided use google compute free trial, so I open a VM there and transfer speeds are amazing:

i did that too but after about 4TB they will close you account. They inclueded Network traffic in the price. Tried it with 4 different accounts.

Weird, I think SwiftPanda (PlexPy dev) trasnfered his 20TB library, without a problem, but will let you know in couple of hours. Current progress:

yeah i transfered about 30TB with one account before but not anymore since they added something… ):

either they inclued network traffic in the price or they detect abusing

Then I will probably just open it on my gsuite business account, since there Iam paying customer as maybe they just doing that on “free” ones.

possible. let me know :slight_smile:

Yes, for me it wasn’t accepted either via the “normal” amazon cloud drive url. If you add your credit card via the general amazon website, it gets accepted however in some way. I cannot remember exactly how I did it, but it certainly works, as I don’t have a german credit card, but still using Amazon DE after my trial period.

So far so good, 6 TB in 8h, still no ban.

Just a headsup, they have detection software that checks where you access the data from. I moved my library from .com to .co.uk, after a month of use on .co.uk my account got banned. I got it unblocked but the 2nd time it happened the consultant sent me the following email:

At this time, Amazon.co.uk Amazon Drive subscriptions are only available to customers within the UK (including Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man).

Customers residing in some locations outside the UK can visit our partner site www.amazon.com/amazondrive to set up an account.

Your location is recognised by the IP address. It is possible that your IP address has been classified as a non-UK address, therefore our system will restrict your access.

So I’ve had to move back to .com :confused:

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They said same to me on my 2nd ban on co.uk, but I told them Iam using VPN and I got unblocked.

I’ve got a cousin in Germany, so I could just use his address and CC to pay. But how do I get around the IP detection? How are you getting around the IP restriction?

Tell them you use VPN if they lock you because of it.

I switch back to US acc… i watch only one device one time, so it is enougt speed in US server to EU (Hungary). It about 10-20 Megabyte (not that stable that the DE)

If i use a 2 Gb buffer size, i never affect any stumbling if i use US servers.

Well its per file so if you get 20Mb is just enough.

I get 10-20 Megabyte (about 120 Mb), not 20Mb :slight_smile:

I decided to switch back to ACD DE, since i have far better peering with Germany compared to UK (servers are in Ireland)

ACD DE and ACD UK are both hosted in Ireland, so why should the peering be different?

They were before, but now Amazon have datacenter in Frankfurt

p.s. You can check service status here: https://status.aws.amazon.com/#EU_block