Wanted to copy a specific extension of file like .pdf

I have shared folder and it contains a lot of subdirectories which contains files like mp4, jpg, png, pdf and so on.

But i wanted to copy only pdf files from that folder.
It doesn't matter it will recurse to subdirectories or not.
If it can also avoid its directories then cool.

Is command will be good???
rclone copy --include *.pdf gd: td:pdfs


I am not able to figure that out...
It is copying all files.

Can u give command??

when you post, you should use the question template and answer the questions.

try your command yourself and see what happens?

if you want to test without copying use --dry-run

One star will match the file.ext. two stars will also match directories. But yes test it with dry_run.

Yeah that command worked.
But the file was recursive...is it possible to copy all the files without its directories?

If you root the include with a /, eg --include "/*.pdf" then it will only include pdfs in the root directory.

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