Want to migrate the data from Zoho Workdrive (https://workdrive.zoho.in/) to Google Drive using Rclone.

Hello All,

We want to migrate the Zoho Workdrive data to Google Drive using the Rclone.

Can anyone please help, how we can do that? As these, both are SaaS platforms.



  1. Install rclone: Install
  2. Setup a remote for Zoho: Zoho
  3. Setup a remote for Drive: Google drive
  4. rclone copy zohoremote: driveremote: -P

That's what I would do.

Thank you for the reply. I had done the rclone installation, Zoho, and Google Drive set up. Here, I've observed only General Folder data [Attached Screenshot] has been migrated to the linked Google Drive account "My Drive".

I've a few more queries here,

  1. Should we need to use Super admin id only at source (Zoho Drive) and destination (Google Drive) for remote setup? Is it work well with Normal Users (Non-Super Admin ids)?

  1. Using this command - "rclone copy zohoremote: driveremote: -P", it will move files which under General Folder in Zoho Drive. What if i want to change this path, so that i can migrate those files which are in different folders.

  2. What if I want to migrate the 1500 user's data from Zoho Drive to Google Drive? Is there any way to bulk migrate the data using some script or dedicated steps?
    As this 1:1 user setup requires more time and needs access to account id & password, as well as need to allow scope with client id in the Google Admin Console.


Never used Zoho so I'd have no idea.

It keeps the structure the same if that's what you are asking. So if you copy from the root of the remote, it'll copy the entire structure the same on the other side. You can always use --dry-run to see what it is going to do before you fire off a command.

I've never used Zoho but I don't see any service account or anyways to do something bulk like that offhand other than scripting through. Maybe someone else has used it and has a better idea.

On the Google side, you can use service accounts and impersonate. That's documented here:


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