Waiting for streaming to begin

Hi all,

I spent today getting rclone to work with gsuit and my windows 10 Kodi and Raspberry Pi Kodi.
It works pretty awesome, but I;m wondering if I get the max out of it already. Whenever I start a movie file (1gb large, it takes around 20seconds to start.

I use the following mount settings:
rclone mount -v --allow-other --buffer-size 32M --read-only --dir-cache-time 300h --poll-interval 5m secret: X:
Experimented with buffer-size from 100MB to 1GB.

I played a bit with --cache-dir and --vfs-cache-mode full. This makes initial starting worse, but as soon as the file is download it is of course much more responsive. Is it not possible to let the file play ASAP, but as soon as it has reasonable buffer, download the rest of the file?

Maybe someone can tell me if this 20seconds is to be expected? Or can it be tweaked to get faster? My internet connection is fairly fast and Netflix starts playing within a second or 3.

This should give you a much better start speed. Should be around 3-8 seconds to start.