VPS that supports fuse?


I want to mount my ACD to a VPS. My current VPS provider doesn’t support FUSE, though I have been happy with them otherwise.

Is there a list VPS providers that do?


Did you ask them as they can enable it for your VPS, at least that was the case with most hosting companies i used.

Most root access VPS will support fuse.

How much data are you looking to be able to transfer per month? Do you need a heavy processor for stuff like media encoding/transcoding?

thanks for the quick replies.

i have sent a ticket, but no response yet. it uses 2.6 kernel i think, so i don’t know what they can do.

not huge transfers and i suppose plex (which would require transcoding?) may be possible for me in the future, but at the moment it would just be storage.

Storage as mounted cloud drive or actual disk storage ?

storage as mounted cloud drive. (ACD)

Well iam using this one (2.99) for my rclone copy acd to gdrive.

I have another 2.99 on which I setup webhosting server (and nextcloud) with "unlimited drive" as its www folder is on rclones mount :slight_smile:

The main thing that is attractive is actual unmeetered bandwith and the 200Mbit one is spiking to 500Mbit.

p.s. Just FYI this is Atom Cores so dont expect much power from 2.99 one.

@ajki I’m curious who you use for downloading in general.

For that I have my own server, but you could try it on 2.99 one, would be a bit slow with encrypting and everything but still you cant beat the price :slight_smile:

p.s Assuming you will do only Usenet i would not do all torrent seeding directly from mount.

I’m using 2x KVM HDD Limited packages from https://wishosting.com/ ( you can combine the resources into 1 vps)

2 vCPU core Xeon E5-1620 v2
Unlimited CPU core 3.7GHz
Linux/Windows OS
Unmetered 250Mbps bandwidth
1 IPv4

Plex transcoding is not a problem (Update 29-12-16: even with 3 vCpus the vps is not always capable to transcode in real time)

(edit: corrected link and updated transcoding experience)

I’m interested in trying out your hosting provider. But the link you provided seems to be for an ad agency. I’d be much obliged if you could post the real link, thanks.

I found the site. The actual link is https://wishosting.com

can you comment on the connection speed? Does it max out the 250mbps?

Sorry for posting the wrong link :blush:
The one you posted is indeed the correct one.

You can indeed max out the connection at 250 Mbps for the upload and the download to ACD or Google Drive.

However, i got mixed results with Plex transcoding on KVM HDD Limited package, I scaled up to 3 cpu’s, but then from time to time the server still struggles to keep up with transcoding. I guess it is because of the shared resources on the VPS.
If you don’t need transcoding (no subtitles and streaming original quality) then I can recommend this vps, even with a single CPU.

I tried directly seeding from ACD mount on dedicated C2750 server.
It was not reliable especially after hundred torrents although it has 1 Gbp port.

Do you think it is possible at all to seed from mount (with hundreds of torrents)?

how is streaming watching video from amazon cloud drive on rclone mount in nextcloud?
can you seek, rewind?
how long does it take to start?
can you share your mount config?
you use crypt?
you stream from acd or gdrive?

1: https://forum.rclone.org/users/Ajki/activity => https://github.com/ajkis/scripts
2: Best mount settings for streaming ( Plex )

You’re welcome. Didn’t know it was that hard to search/read.