Viewing File Versions using Encryption with OneDrive for Business

I like to backup my personal files using Rclone encrypt to my OneDrive for Business account (through work account and with work's permission). Does Rclone currently support pulling different versions of a file from OneDrive for Business (including using Rclone encrypt with OneDrive)? If it does, I didn't see it.

If Rclone doesn't support it, I would like to submit this as a feature request.

As for how it would work, maybe Rclone would provide a "decoder ring" function of some sort, where the user would specify an unencrypted file name for which they want to see a version list, and Rclone would spit out the list of versions. The user could then specify a version of the file and request Rclone to download it to a user-specified file. This may sound clunky, but I have only used versioning on a "one-by-one" basis in OneDrive for Business with unencrypted files, and it has worked for me. I haven't used versioning in a batch format or at huge scale (if even such a thing is even possible with OneDrive).

Thanks a ton!

I don't believe it exists and I don't see any requests for it either.

@Ole might be able double check my work as they say :slight_smile:

I agree, there is no OneDrive version support in rclone :slightly_smiling_face:

I do however guess it is possible to view the encrypted file versions with a different set of (clunky) steps that I have roughly sketched below. I only have OneDrive Personal and haven’t tested my approach so please ask if things are unclear or do not play out as I envision.

First find the encrypted path and filename like this:

rclone cryptdecode --reverse OneDriveCrypt: cloudfolder/filename

Then navigate to the file in the OneDrive web interface to see the version history and download the version you want to an empty folder on your local pc e.g. ./localfolder/

Then find a new encrypted name for the file like this:

rclone cryptdecode --reverse OneDriveCrypt: newfilename

Then rename you local file to the encrypted name you just found above.

Then use the OneDrive web interface to upload the local file into the folder you downloaded it from.

Now you will hopefully be able to see selected version as newfilename in your cloudfolder using your rclone crypt. You can check like this:

rclone lsf OneDriveCrypt:cloudfolder

Advanced variations: You could also make a LocalCrypt: pointing to ./localfolder/ if you wish to access the file locally or upload using: rclone copy ./localfolder/ OneDrive:cloudfolderencrypted

Please let me know if this makes sense and has the desired effect.

I'll just note we do have versions support in b2 and shortly in S3, so there is a precedent for it. However I think the OneDrive listing API can't show you all versions of files in a directory which would means a separate query for each file which would make it very slow.

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