VFS cache extra feature

Hello fellow rcloners.

I would like to request one small feature for VFS cache. Option to define fallback location (folder) for vfs cache.
Why? Well in case that primary loaction fails for example many ppl will run vfs cache folder on raid 0 disk stripe. Since disks can fail..it would be nice to have fallback location for vfs cache.

I m aware that this wont be useful to many rcloners but i think this option could be very useful in some other
scenarious too. Disks full, disk died, etc...

If the disk dies that is running the cache, you'd have other problems like data loss and other issues. I can't see any real way to do this clean other than at a hardware level.

Doubtful this would ever happen as the data inconsistency would be problematic. I'd suggest smart monitoring and disk space monitoring.

There is no data loss, since vfs cache is something that is not important for me. It is only been used to serve, real data is on gdrive. My request was not in direction to have active / active vfs cache on 2 locations, only to have option for second location if first vfs cache location is dead.

There is data loss but you are saying it's not important to you which are very different statements.

That's normally done via hardware mirroring if that is your goal as you'd want a spare disk. Many OSes offer ways to do that pretty easy as that's how I'd tackle it.

I have noted in first post that raid 0 is used because of speed, i m aware of hw mirroring and other raids for fallback.
Intention is to have extra vfs location in case ppl are using raid 0 and disk dies so rclone just switches and uses that other vfs location.

You'd best off using one of the other hardware solutions.

I did read/understand what you noted here, but didn't see how it would apply since rclone generally is a cloud tool and the slowest point is always the cloud remote, not local disk.

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