Very slow Google Drive upload

Below is a direct copy/paste from the “issue” I submitted. It seems like it could be a traffic shaping issue, but I’m not sure. Any advice on how to further test?

When ACD worked I could usually get around 5 MB/s upload speed. With Google Drive I never seem to get above ~700 kB/s. If I started multiple transfer then I just have multiple 700 kB/s transfers. It almost seems like there’s a hidden speed cap somewhere.

Am I doing something wrong, or what is going on here?

Here’s a test with a single 2,27 GB file and three additional files with a combined size less than 275 kB.

Transferred: 2.274 GBytes (707.319 kBytes/s)
Errors: 0
Checks: 0
Transferred: 4
Elapsed time: 56m10.9s

Transferred: 2.274 GBytes (13.883 MBytes/s)
Errors: 0
Checks: 0
Transferred: 4
Elapsed time: 2m47.7s

Rclone: v1.36
Rclone browser: 1.2
Running on Win 7 64 bit
Internet: 200/200 MBit/s fiber (about 18 ms to

Yes, my drive is extremely slow. I am guessing that a significant number of people are switching from ACD to Google Drive.

Same here. It started doing this last night.

2017/05/21 18:22:09 INFO :
Transferred: 7.464 GBytes (745.314 kBytes/s)
Errors: 0
Checks: 7778
Transferred: 22
Elapsed time: 2h55m1.5s

I just uploaded (finished few minutes ago) 1 TB at 105 megabytes/s. Perhaps peering problem?

Try doing it over a vpn to disprove an ISP shaping and/or Google peering problem.

I guess they may also shape your vpn traffic but that may depend on the port if you can find a vpn service on odd ports that would help.

Odd. I have two servers with SYS and one of them gives me speeds listed above and the other is getting about 55MB/s uploading.

And I was thinking that maybe it was because the slow one was going to a eBay google account and the fast one was going to a legit google account. But then I flipped them and the results were the same.

I’m getting the same slow speed 500-700 kB/s from a OVH KS box in BHS.

Same here, getting ~135kb/a for single, 700 for 4 at once on SYS

If it were a peering problem, wouldn’t both upload and download be the same? Unless of course Google moves the data somewhere else after upload.

I’ve talked with my ISP and they claim that there is no traffic shaping going on, and lots of uploads capacity.

I’ve submitted a ticket to Google. I’ll post here when and if they reply.

currently to gdrive:
tx: 1.33 Gbit/s 32050 p/s

I’m having a very slow speed too. Idk the reason

Are you using SYS/OVH/Kimsufi?

I have two servers with SYS in BHS and one is 700KB/s and the other is 55MB/s. For upload that is. I haven’t tested download.

Using Scaleway here, and getting this:

Transferred:   9.252 GBytes (12.116 MBytes/s)
Errors:                 0
Checks:               911
Transferred:           18
Elapsed time:     13m1.8s

This is about the average on a small 200Mbit/s unmetered connection. Costs me about €0.012 per hour.
They have servers with 800Mbit/s Unmetered bandwidth for about €0.048 per hour.

Now getting 7.5 on my legit gdrive account. Other eBay gdrive accounts that were getting poor speed are now banned

I don’t know those.

The account I’m using is a brand new account created on Google’s own site, with my own domain added. I’m uploading from my private home. I’ve never experienced any speed issues before. Usually I can get 20+ MB/s.

I just tested uploading via the web page itself and… 20 MB/s. Tested again in Rclone… 700 kB/s.

So I think we can rule out my ISP.

SYS in RBX (If i remember correctly) 19.5MBytes/s in a total of 20MBytes/s (upload capped)

134kb/s through Rclone move

11MB/s through moving files to google-ocaml + rclone crypt on top

Both running on the same server. This has to be on GDrive’s end. Limiting the API from Rclone maybe?

Upload is back to my normal upload speed, the one where it was slow was disabled, anyone else confirm their eBay accounts were uploading slow, but legitimate ones are uploading fine?

I have a legit account and my speeds are terrible.