Very Simple backupscript (WWW-MYSQL) -> Virtualmin -> Gdrive 2TB

Hi there.
I am quite new here but I was wondering if someone could give me a hand with a simple script.
I have read already many..many diferent script examples but still.. Virtualmin -> 2TB Gdrive
Objective to sync folders for mysql and www on my virtualmin box:

  1. Make dir like this: rclone mkdir 2TB:/MYSQL-date +%d-%m-%Y
  2. Sync local folder with just created folder MYSQL-date +%d-%m-%Y
  3. Check number of folders (max 8) created and delete the oldest one
    Same thing for my www folder

And lastly setup cron to run every 12 hours
I understand that this can not be difficult but eventough by the simplisity I donĀ“t get it to work to syn folder with the previous creaded timestamped folder.
Any food pointers are much appriciated.
Many thanks in advance :upside_down_face:

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