Versioning the modified files and upload

Versioning the modified files and upload

What is your rclone version (lasted)

I'm currently running a 3-2-1 backup and using S3 as a backup. I'm having difficulty in the desired backup and check the hash of the files. The purpose is to upload and the version of the file that has been modified, as those that have no changes cannot be uploaded to aws.

I would like to turn the win server that we now have later into a linux server.

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sorry, not understanding, can you give a more detailed example?

rclone runs the same commands on windows and linux.

Hi, I need to configure to send to S3 only the files that have been modified since the last send.
For example:

If you don't change the filename ->, the content(hash) has been changed ->version the file

If you don't change the filename -> and don't change the content -> nothing happens.

If you change filename -> {
delete old
upload new file

as for the rest of the use-case, rclone sync should work.

s3 already does versioning. tho there are some ways rclone can rename the old file.
this command will move the old file into a subfolder with a timestamp

rclone sync /home/user01/source remote:current --backup-dir=remote:archive/`date +%Y%m%d.%I%M%S`

or check out --suffix

In a matter of versioning on amazon, it's ok. The point is that it's very expensive, it's 4 TB versioned for x days and each backup would version again (3x max).
Know another command to not subdivide into folders with dates?

yes, amazon is very expensive,
rclone works with many s3 providers and others such as backblaze.

in my use-case, i find using two providers is the least expensive solution.
wasabi, s3 clone to keep 30 days of backups. $5.99/TB/month with 30/90 day retention period.
aws s3 deep glacier for older backups. $1.01/TB/month with 180 day retention period.

perhaps --suffix

OK. I will test the possibilities and I appreciate the help.

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