Verify if all encrypted files in a remote are decryptable with my current password

What is the problem you are having with rclone?

I've been using rclone for a while, as well as testing how encrypted remotes work.

Now that I'm confident I want to upload everything to a single encrypted remote, I'd like to know if there's a way to run a check that will verify all the files in my encrypted remote are indeed encrypted with the current password and salt stored in rclone.conf.

I've been checking all the available options on the main page, but I'm still a bit clueless as to whether or not that is doable.

Mostly as a means of verifying everything is OK when I try to download everything back on a new computer by setting rclone again from scratch. Or by pasting my rclone.conf file which I previously backed up on a USB drive.

Which cloud storage system are you using? (eg Google Drive)

Google Drive

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try rclone cryptecheck source remote:
hard to give good advice, as you did not answer any of the questions.

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the rcone.conf config file,
can copy to a new computer, linux, windows, android, anything that rclone runs.

I am not sure I follow when you say I "didn't answer any of your questions". What is to be answered when I described the kind of dilemma I'm running into in detail?

Also, in my case, I wouldn't be able to have two computers running at the same time since the target device would be the one I'm using right now. Hence why I'm uploading everything to GDrive as backup, to download it back later.

i did not write that, i wrote "you did not answer any of the questions."
not my questions, but the template of questions in the help template
so makes it hard to share good answers.

normally, if you do not answer the questions, the forum moderator will delete your post, require to you start a new topic and then answer all the questions.
as you are new to the forum, i am trying to help you anyway

Yes, I am fully aware of that, but the template's questions had nothing that could make it easier to share good answers, as you claim. If it needs to be removed, then so be it.

I wasn't trying to run any commands, I don't think I have to share any rclone config, let alone a log. My issue doesn't reside in there.

I am merely curious to know if there's a command that can check if all the files in a encrypted remote are decryptable with the current rclone.conf settings.

rclone cryptcheck seems to be able to check the files of a, well, encrypted remote. Would that command fail if it encountered files that, for example, were uploaded with a different encrypted remote that is now deleted (and thus irrecoverable)?

that command would not fail, there would be an error in the rclone log.

I believe you're referring to when rclone adds a new row saying "Errors" next to the amount of errors it's encountered, though I could always add the line for logging every error. Good, I will try that out, then.

I would just be too scared of not being able to decrypt everything back when I do a clean install on my computer.

for each source file, rclone will crypt it locally and then compare its hash to the hash of the same crypted flle in the dest.

rclone.exe cryptcheck d:\source onedrivevb_crypt:zork -vv 
DEBUG : rclone: Version "v1.57.0" starting with parameters ["c:\\data\\rclone\\scripts\\rclone.exe" "cryptcheck" "d:\\source" "onedrivevb_crypt:zork" "-vv"]
INFO  : Using quickxor for hash comparisons
DEBUG : file.txt: OK
NOTICE: Encrypted drive 'onedrivevb_crypt:zork': 0 differences found
NOTICE: Encrypted drive 'onedrivevb_crypt:zork': 1 matching files

That worked flawlessly, it compares the hashes of what I have on GDrive with my local files. I will use the -vv flag more often as well. Thanks a lot for the assistance!

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