Verify data integrity of a crypt remote

I have a crypt remote on a USB drive. I'd like to verify the integrity of the data.

Note that I do not have copies of the flies. E.g. consider files inside backup-dir. if I understand correctly, I can still verify the integrtiy by decrypting all the data.

What would be the best way of doing so?

I can think of a few options:

  • rclone check --download remote: remote:
  • rclone cryptcheck remote: remote:
  • rclone copy remote: /dev/null
    • /dev/null probably does not work like this, maybe I need a dummy fs
  • rclone mount remote: + a script that read through all data

Probably the easiest way of just downloading all the files is

rclone md5sum remote:

You get an md5sum you can feed back into rclone md5sum -C for bit rot detection also, though the crypt decode will almost certainly fail if you have bitrot.

  -C, --checkfile string     Validate hashes against a given SUM file instead of

I think "copy to dummy fs" would be faster, since it doesn't need to compute any checksum. But probably md5 is fast enough.


If you want more speed you can run rclone hashsum crc32 remote: Even my 4 year old laptop can MD5SUM at 500 MiB/s though so you probably won't notice the difference.

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