V1.59 Combine Qs

Another great update, 1.59. Thank you.

The combine feature looks interesting. Checking it out now - seems a nice alternative to the union remote for certain use cases.

In the wiki entry on this page Combine (rclone.org) I think remote = in the AllDrives example might want to be upstreams = ? When I tested different combine configs rclone seemed to need upstreams in that spot. Otherwise works well.

type = combine
remote = "My Drive=My Drive:" "Test Drive=Test Drive:"

Also, it appears that combine requires unique folder names at the root level (left side of the = in upstreams). e.g. In the example above you can have

upstreams = "My Drive=My Drive:" "Test Drive=Test Drive:"

but not

upstreams = "My Drive=My Drive:" "My Drive=Test Drive:"

In quick tests this second example will not work as a union remote, merging the trees. It will instead choose one instance of "My Drive". Which I assume is the intended behavior.
[ User error, if configured like this. Could be useful to add a "unique folder name check" for the left side of upstreams, if/when feasible. ]

Still playing with combine ... nice addition :partying_face:

Yes you are right, will fix that in the point release.

That's a good point - I hadn't thought of that. I will put a quick check into the combine backend for the point release :slight_smile:

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