V1.36 not printing status?

Using rclone copy doesn’t seem to print out any statistics while copying after upgrading to v1.36. If I roll back to v1.35, Stats print out normally. Setting --stats doesn’t do anything. The files do copy successfully, just nothing is printed to the terminal.

rclone v1.36
Ubuntu Server 16.04.2

Is anyone else seeing (or not seeing) this? Thanks!

edit: Search didn’t return anything but after I submitted this, a suggested topic revealed that using -v is required to print stats. :grinning:

Is there any way to only print the stats? With the -v it prints a lot more info. I really only want the stats, so maybe there could be a new flag or option?

1.36 prints nothing by default now, -v gives the old status messages and -vv gives full debug etc.