Using the same Google Drive client ID in multiple systems


I have 2 systems (desktop and a laptop). I would like to reutilice the same Google Drive client ID and configuration file in both systems.

Systems will be in different locations/networks.

Is that possible?

Thanks in avance.

Sure. You can use it as many places as you want.

Yes, this should work fine. You may have to re-authorize it on that machine though (not sure since i'v never had to personally).

Let me say that it is not ideal performance-wise though, because one shared user will mean all systems using it will share the API quota (default limit is 1000 request pr 100seconds).

While the API limit is fairly generous and I don't really expect you would see much issues on 2 concurrent systems, the problem will get worse the more concurrent users you have using it at the same time.

It is most ideal to set up one clientID pr user if you want a full API quota to use for each.

As for the config - yes you can just copy-paste it where you want it and keep most if not all the settings. Obviously you may need to change local paths ect. if they are different there, or to use a separate user like I said - but it should pretty much work out of the box otherwise.


Thanks for answering.

I have one G Suite account only, I don't think I will be using the account at the same time in both systems, so, seems that there is nothing to worry about.


If I understand you correctly and you basically just want to copy your setup for direct personal use to another PC you have then yes - this seems like it would be no problem at all. No real downside in that use-case.

Hi thesignma.

Yes, you understood perfectly.

I don't want to setup other client ID in Google Drive for the same porpouse. I just want to reuse the same setup in other system.

Thanks a lot :wink:

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