Using the '--checkers' flag with Rclone browser. Possible?

Have added '--checkers=8' in the Extra arguments field when uploading with Rclone browser, but checks are still being reported as '0/0' in the Verbose feedback.

Is there a way of performing checks using Rclone browser, or is that functionality only available when using rclone?


'0/0' just means rclone didn't do any checks. --checkers controls how many checks rclone does simultaneously, it doesn't control how many rclone does.

Ahhh, I see.

So is it possible to pass any check command using Rclone browser?

'check --one-way' isn't recognised as valid:
2019/07/01 17:09:54 Fatal error: unknown flag: --one-way

I don't know... As far as I'm aware it only lets you do sync/copy/move

I wasn't aware of whether or not Rclone performs any magic trickery / checking upon transfer, rsync style.

So the only way to know 100% that everything you have sent using Rclone is 100% identical at each end is to use rclone cryptcheck on an encrypted volume?

Rclone checks md5sums (or the available hashes) after it has uploaded each file, even when using crypt.

If rclone says the upload is successful then rclone has checked everything. rclone crytcheck is a double check. Or if you are really paranoid rclone check --download.

Really appreciate the explanation - thank you!

Another question: if an upload to an encrypted drive is terminated for any reason, what happens when it resumes?

Are the partially written files resumed or overwritten by Rclone?

Depends on the backend. Google Drive for example doesn't do partials so it would reupload.

Thanks for clarifying. Makes sense and it's ideal that way.

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