Using rsync for large file upload resume

I have been using rclone mounted drive for some time already. On my ubuntu 22.04.

Recently, I had the need to upload large backup files to google drive. Was searching for ways to upload large files that allow resume when connection get disrupted or server had to reboot and so on. This will be a daily thing because my backups run daily.

Seems like rclone sync does not support resuming unless the rclone sync process is still running. That is not robust enough for my unstable environment.

So I found rsync command with "append" parameter than can resume uploads if it got disrupted.

I did some tests uploading a 500mb zip file. The resume works and I checked the zip file which passes integrity. Not sure how well it will work on a file size that is 150gb.

Would like to seek anyone who is using rsync append their experience on this and/or any caveat with this method? Or maybe there are other better method of doing this, you are welcome to comment. There is another method of zipping the file into multiple smaller sizes but this is too much work and extra space needed. Remember, this need to run daily.

Appreciate all the comments and rclone is awesome.

There's unfortunately no way to resume in rclone at the moment.

Been around for some time so I'd assume it's not quite easy.

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