Using restic+rclone

i am in need for a backup for my wsl ubuntu vm.
i have decided on restic+rclone

i have noticed these posts
use restic along with rclone ... Its how I backup my laptop.
Here is what I use for backing up

--- for now, just looking to backup my home dir
--- the script mentioned in the above link, is from 2019,
--- so i am looking for any advice and scripts.

so i guess no replies so far.

in the end, i decided to use restic, without rclone.
as i already have a python script that create a VSS snapshot, and that snapshot becomes the source for 7zip, fastcopy.

as with veeam, i prefer to have local backup servers and repositories.
and rclone that to the cloud

Just starting to check out Restic and I was wondering why you didn't use the "rclone+restic" integration as noted in the Rclone documentation, instead of taking the backup with Restic first, then separately using Rclone to upload the backup files to the cloud?

well, i have a script that runs all my backups.
for each backup, it creates vss snapshot and executes a list of command against that source.
so restic is just another app, such as 7za, fastcopy and rclone.

rclone and restic are very flexible, many ways to get it done.

Thanks, that makes sense. As I've been digging in, I'm also seeing that there is a lot of flexibility in how to use these tools.