Using rclone with Sonarr/Radarr & VPS

I’m using Sonarr & sabnzbdplus on a VPS with a media library stored in Google Drive which is on the VPS as a mounted folder (/mnt/data/Plex).

Currently I have sab download, sonarr rename and move to a ‘processed’ folder and then call a script to trigger rclone to copy the file to Google Drive and then delete from the VPS. This works fine, except that Sonarr won’t see the file as being downloaded as it’s no longer in the monitored folder (/mnt/data/Download/Processed/). I’ve tried setting my Plex mount as the monitored folder - which allows Sonarr to see that the files are downloaded… but then it will try to push any new downloads direct through the mount to Google Drive… If I do this, in Google Drive I seem to end up with a binary file instead of a video file.

Is anyone else using a similar setup and can advise how they have it? Any idea’s why files pushed through the mount end up being binary? Is there additional parameters I should be including in my mount command to make it work better?


You’d need to use unionfs which creates a view to both a local folder, and your google drive one. That way it doesn’t matter whether it’s sitting in the pre-move, or post-move folder, sonarr still think it’s in the one place.


Thanks. I’ve just tried working through some guides using unionfs but getting lost - the guides were using a mix of local storage, encryption etc. I am trying to run the VPS with as little storage as possible so have a 50GB host, with a 50GB mount SSD to which I want to use as my download location.

Basically what I am trying to achieve is a dedicated server which is only being used as a cache. All files are to be pushed immediately to my cloud storage on completion by Sonarr/Radarr. Plex then reads these from my mounted share and will stream them on demand.

The downloading is fine, so I’ll skip this setup. But what I currently have is the following:

/mnt/data/plex/processed - This is for my sonarr/radarr processed files
/mnt/data/plex/media - Currently empty
/mnt/data/plex/acd - This is my rclone mounted drive from which Plex reads (FYI I’ve swapped to acd from gdrive)

sorry to be an idiot - but would anyone mind telling me exactly (idiot proof) what I need to do. I’m feeling old at 35 :slight_smile:

should I do something like:

unionfs-fuse -o cow /mnt/data/plex/processed=RW:/mnt/data/plex/acd=RO /mnt/data/plex/media/

and set Sonarr to send to the processed folder to which i continue to run my rclone copy script and delete on completion?

someone help a very confused person. Thanks

FYI it seems I among others have requested from the Sonar devs the ability to set different paths for processed & physical locations, but this is not something they can entertain at the moment. A shame as that would make things so much easier!

It all looks fine however you need to point sonarr at the union-fs folder not the processed one. That way sonarr downloads/renames to /mnt/data/plex/media (where in reality it will be /mnt/data/plex/processed because that is Read/Write). When ACD picks up the files and moves them over to /mnt/data/plex/acd Sonarr doesn’t know any different because the files are still under /mnt/data/plex/media. As long as the folder structure is the same you’ll be fine.

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Thanks. I’ve finally figured it out, plus encryption!

My only headache now is how to get the files already on my ACD encrypted. I’m guessing I need to use rclone to somehow copy each file one-by-one to my local unencrypted folder, then copy the encrypted version to the encrypted folder on ACD, after that remove the local copy… next file.

Once all done I can delete the unencrypted data in ACD and be left with a purely encrypted setup.

Does anyone have a script I could plagiarise please???

Thanks for your help BTW - I’m relatively new to Linux and self-hosting. I appreciate the assistance!

You don’t really need a script for that, rclone can copy from one remote to another and will encrypt/decrypt as needed.

Something like: rclone copy ACD: ACDe: would copy all the contents of your ACD: remote to ACDe:, encrypting the contents during the process.

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That’d work if I was using rclone crypt… I’m using encfs folders - please. correct me if I’m wrong!. I’m set with a script to monitor my encfs encrypted folder to upload to acd when a new file is found (then remove once complete). I think the process to obtain the files from acd, encrypt, then reupload needs to be:

ACD --> /unencrypted folder --> /encrypted folder --> ACD

The middle bit is handled by encfs automatically, it’s just the retrieval and reupload once encrypted that I need to worry about.

1 rclone copy acd:Plex/TV /mnt/data/plex/local/TV/ --transfers=2 --checksum --drive-chunk-size=64M

2 rclone copy /mnt/data/plex/.local/#encryptedfolder# acd:Plex/#encryptedfolder# --transfers=2 --checksum --drive-chunk-size=64M && rm -rf “/mnt/data/plex/local/TV/”*

I’d need both processes to be running simultaneously as I only have a 50GB SSD to utilize.

would anything like this work??? Apologies again - I’m relly quite new to all this and trying to piece things together as I go :slight_smile: Learning all the time though!

I know you said you figured it out but I thought I might suggest you or anyone else simply side step the whole issue and bypass radarr/sonarr/sickrage/couchpotato post processing all together and use filebot for that task. Then you can have your radarr/sonarr/sickrage/couchpotato manage downloads and collection management and side step the whole hairy post-process mess.

Do you have a howto on the filebot? I’m trying to get my head around it.

I’m wondering if this is possible:

Mount my ACD drive in /acd

Set my sonarr to use the /acd drive

Turn off sonarr post download processing.

Set my SAB download folder to /downloads

Use filebot to rename and move to a folder called /uploads

upload my uploads folder to ACD.

This should remove the need for a janky fuse mount.

Am I missing anything?