Using RCLONE with google drive to watch movies or tv shows

Hello everyone,

I am using rclone with google drive mounted as a disk x: to watch movies etc.
But when I run the command:

rclone mount remote:/ x: --vfs-cache-mode full

Sometimes it takes ages to load my mp4 files, or it doesnt even work, I think I may be using the wrong flags when mounting the disk
Any advice is welcome

My rclone version is:
rclone v1.51.0

  • os/arch: windows/amd64
  • go version: go1.13.7

I am using Windows 10


Hi, welcome to the forum!

You can take a look at the following file, which documents a set of options that are working in a media server setup:

There are a lot of possible options, in that file, and mentioned in the forum: Usually not all of them are relevant for your case, and also some are only relevant for Linux and not Windows etc... I would start with a few and see if it makes a difference. Perhaps experiment with --vfs-read-ahead first?

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hello and welcome to the forum,

please update to latest rclone, as it has a new VFS cache backend,
the new rclone, can start to stream quickly and continue to download the media in the background.

with the version of rclone you are using combined with --vfs-cache-mode full, rclone has to download the entire file before playback.

many rcloners, including myself, do not use VFS cache to stream media

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Thank you, i have updated to latest rclone version
What command should I use?
I usually do:
rclone mount remote:/ x: --vfs-cache-mode full
Thanks again

sure, that looks good.

i always start with the simplest command and see how it works and what can be improved.
then we can tweak the settings for you use-case and gdrive quirks.

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