Using rclone to access Google Photos in batch mode

I'm new to rclone. I'm scanning thousand of my old 35mm slides and converting them to .jpg and really like the idea of uploading and accessing them in my Google Photos libraries from the Linux command line.

I have some questions:

  1. Do I have full read/write access to my Photos? I.e. when I usd 'rclone mount' to a local folder, can I use Linux tools (like exiftool) to change 'create date' in batches?
  2. How to I insert/edit the 'Description' field of each photo?
  3. Can I upload new photos using rclone?


You'll really want to do that BEFORE you upload.

I don't think you can at the moment.

Yes you can. photos will read the EXIF updated though so you want to have that correct up front. That's how they'll appear correct order on Google photos.

Thanks for the reply. Sorry for the delay, I was trying to get winfsp working with rclone so that I can use mount. But couldn't get winfsp built because I couldn't figure out how to specify CONFIGURATION. Apparently I have to install GOlang etc.

Also re-read the rclone limitations ( and now realize that I will not be able to use rclone to create free-storage objects etc.

Those limitations (along with the open bugs list) has convinced me not to pursue using rclone to manage my Google Photos at the current time. Maybe later if new features and bugfixes happen.


I don't blame you. I don't use Photos as a backup or to manage them really. I use rclone only to take all my photos from drive and make them available in the Google photos app as a "front end". All my backups and management happens in drive itself. Photos is now just a presentation layer for me an my family. I don't even use the Google photos app to automatically sync anymore. I use rclone with "automate" to sync all photos directly with Google drive instead.

Good information. Thanks!

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