Using Rclone on Windows - Backup of files every X minutes


This question is for the people who are using rclone with windows currently.

What are the best settings and best practices to get the optimal performance on windows?

Is there an up to date guide which I could follow to correctly set it up on windows ?


What I am trying to achieve is the following:

I want to monitor 4-5 different important folders for changes and sync them every 5 minutes to Google Drive. When there is a new version the old version should be backed up to a backup folder on GDrive:

rclone sync "FOLDER 1 folder 2 folder 3" "gcrypt:shared/Backup" --backup-dir "gcrypt:shared/Archive/"date -I/date +%HH%MM`

Something like this, it is just an quick example I am still trying to figure out the best way to do it.
I am open for any feedback and improvement suggestions

the easiest way to run a rclone on schedule, is to using windows built-in task scheduler.

do not think that command will work as rclone does not accept multiple source folders.
you could use files-from=files.txt
and for files.txt

/folder 2 
/folder 3

Thank you for the feedback!

Do you have suggestions for the best mount settings for rclone on windows?

what is your use-case?
what is your current command?

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